Chairman Message


Engineering is not just about being in the forefront of technology, it is about meeting people, managing projects and traveling far & wide, in all these activities engineers create wealth & improve the quality of life.

Engineering is an exciting, challenging and rewarding profession. Engineers apply advanced techniques in science & technology for the well being of humanity and they are engaged in diverse occupations as planning & design, research & development, construction, manufacturing, consultancy, operation management, microelectronics & info communications. Engineers enjoy excellent career prospects, higher salaries & more importantly, contribute greatly towards the growth of a nation.

To a common man no doubt the challenges in the 21st century are far greater to earn their livelihood. Added to this, the ongoing process of liberalization shall make the challenges stiffer, since the falling trade-barriers across the world are posing the world's best competition at our doorstep. This requires a far superior performance of educational institutions through an All-round-concerted effort to develop our students in order to become highly competent.

Towards the objective of meeting these challenges, our education society established a center of excellence in technical education GWALIOR ENGINEERING COLLEGE, referred to as GEC by sheer popularity.

GEC setup has a distinctive character and occupies a place of pride amongst the technical institute in the central region of the country. It promises to provide you with the most important skills, knowledge and attributes to advance the student's career.

Er. Amar Sharma
Gwalior Engineering College