Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers are very versatile and adaptable, by virtue of their road-based education. The curriculum of Mechanical Engineering has elements of electrical/electronics engineering, which are essential skills for any Mechanical Engineer. In addition to this, it also includes subjects of Computer Science and Information Technology. In order to nurture entrepreneurial spirit, engineering innovations and design takes a Mechanical Engineer through the motions and action of being an entrepreneur through discovery and project work. Mechanical Engineers have been known to establish themselves in the government, the service sector e.g. consulting, management, designing, manufacturing, maintenance and marketing. The sky is the limit for a graduate in Mechanical Engineering.


Energy Conversion System-I

Machine Design & CAD

Kinematics of Machines

Mechanics of Materials

Dynamics of Machine

Energy Conversion System-II

Fluid Mechanics

Simulation & Modeling

Machine Design-I

Production Process & CNC Machines

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

Industrial Engg. & O.R.

HMT/Automobile Engg.

Machine Design-II

Refrigeration & Air conditioning

Turbo Machinery



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